When your soul is so tired from the after shock of anger, that boiling in your blood.

Then its amazing how music can heal your being..


6 thoughts on “Today

        1. I am oky, i am going through something that i dont understand, i have no one to help me or talk to, you are the only one i think will understand, but i am not oky and i dont know how to handle the emotions i am going through at the moment, maybe you can help? i dont like asking help, i am always the strong one and the one that helps others, not i am completely opposite of what i normally am, omw i hope i make sence, do you have skype or bbm maybe talk private some time when you have time.


        2. Hi i dont know if you received my msg this morning, but i need to talk to you about something, about my emotional state, i cant talk to anyone else because i think you would be more sensitive to picking up what is going on inside.. hope you can help me.


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