Radical Ecopsychology

This is something i found on the internet, it must be fate, because i have been so disconnected and just by planting some plants in pots by my outside table where i sit every day after work, and just by caring for them, i found a chance. So i am doing research on Ecopsychology something i believe in, and a must for every one.

As developed by Andy Fisher, Radical Ecopsychology regards the practice of Ecopsychology not just as a new kind of therapy for addressing the split between the modern human mind and nature, but as an opportunity to rethink the theory, practice, and self-image of psychology as a whole, in light of an ecological view of reality. Explicitly political, this is a psychology for a whole new society: an ecological society. Its goal is to develop commitment to the cultural regeneration and social transformation needed in our times.


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