Afraid to feel

Afraid to feel

Send me back.. I want to go back.
Send me back where I fit in the world I created.
Send me back to where the water from my eyes
Are the river in the forest at the place I am home.
Home is within me away from feelings, I don’t want to feel, I don’t like it..feeling is for the little people who still gets broken, I will feel when I want to, for now I want me back, where I didn’t feel lonely, why do I feel this way. Stop it! Stop it! You can do this.
I feel the howl of the wolfs breath on my skin, I feel the song of his soul in my blood, I feel free again, free from feelings of lonely ness. I knew I would get back.
He smiles at me I feel the heat of his pleasure on my face, no single tear will fall, no more tears for me, he dried it up with his finger tips.. I am happy I am free.
By Ally Dupl

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