Cold night sky. by Ally Dupl

Cold night sky, alone with my thoughts, cigarette burning, a feeling of freedom.
I longed for so long to have my mind for myself, silence, the feeling of spinning arounD and around,
My day was like a thunder storm, I walked in the rain, my soul shuttered from words so sharp..
Its getting cold, but I don’t need the warmth of the fire, why would I want to get burned.
Hello? Anyone? I would rather be invisible sometimes,
Just to rest.
I am there in the mist, still looking for you. Can’t u see me.
Past Shadows around me sometimes, making the ice melt from my eyes, coldness dripping from my face,
I will melt into the night sky, the breeze cutting me..
But still I would rather be here in the cold, with the night sky around me.
By Alicha du plooy

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