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Applied Ecopsychology reverses our disconnectedness by utilizing proven medical procedures. For example, good medical thinking and research have created surgical techniques that reattach an amputated arm back to the body. If reconnected properly, the arm will, in time, function normally. Part of this art is the surgical technology our clear thinking has devised to bring the arm back in proper contact with the body. The remainder of the procedure is trusting that once this reconnection is made, nature itself has the wisdom to heal the rupture and rejoin the arm and body as one integrated organism. We don’t know how to do that healing, however nature does it continuously via its natural attraction ecological processes at sub-atomic and global levels, for that is its way. Good medical thinking respects that nature has this extraordinary regenerative power. It taps into it. It surgically provides the proper environment and time for nature to heal, as only nature can. Applied Ecopsychology activities do the same thing with respect to our extremely nature-separated psyche and thinking process and the disorders they create.

The field of Applied Ecopsychology researches and initiates practical self-guiding methods and materials. These tools enable the prospective applied ecopsychologist to learn, use, and teach the nature-reconnecting process in the personal, professional and educational environments. This degree program offers vital information, expertise and support through mentorship, distance learning courses, interactive workshops, academic readings, Internet presentations, and independent study and projects.

Discover how our excessive separation from nature stresses our sentient inner nature and causes our most challenging problems. Learn to reverse this destructive process. Master thoughtful nature reconnecting activities that dissolve stress by satisfying our deepest natural loves, wants and spirit. This course teaches hands-on education, counseling and mental health skills that interlace our thoughts and feelings with the “higher power” wisdom of nature’s creation process. Its unique natural attraction methods and materials let nature nurture self-esteem, friendships and responsibility. Applied Ecopsychology increases wellness and creativity and helps us build rewarding, sustainable relationships. Learn and teach this process to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

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