what is love?

What is love? When love hurts you more then feels good?
Why love, when love is more evil then light.
What is love? When you sit more in the dark with a cold sweet in the corner, rocking forth and back, holding your knees tight against your breast, just to feel safe. Where is your love, when your love is hurting you so much? Bringing you more tears then smiles?
But do we want this? Is this why we love?

Sometimes you become so hard, that you can’t feel it anymore, and through lives cracks, you can sometimes remember how it felt to be loved.
I for one feel its better this way, when life for years, was torture with no real to it. Only pain, abuse and evil, I for one love being the ice queen, but don’t get me wrong, when the blackness starts to fade just for a wile, I do wonder what it would feel like, to have real love, you know the soul mate kind..

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