This is life

When you see what I see,
When you feel what I feel,
You would understand why I am this way,
I am broken, I don’t want it any other way.
It gave me something, it made me.
Come to me, you are hypnotized, high on me,
You walk blindly in my mind, you took the wrong one, and now you are stuck, you feel safe with me, warm and loved, but still stuck in the web of endless life strings, so many you think.
I will break you, I will hurt you, I will make you feel like you are falling apart, I will have you on your knees, I will have your tears, every drop into me, I don’t have tears, I can’t cry, cold is my heart as I took what I needed and left you there..
It’s up 2 you now, will you survive and be strong, or will you fall forever and die?
I am life, I will make you believe what I want you to believe, I will make you feel what I want you to feel, and then take it away, making your soul feel dead and broken.
Will you take my lessons and grow. Or will you be weak and nothing to me?

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3 thoughts on “This is life

    1. Thank you 🙂 what i wanted to bring out was this image of life personally sitting with a pen and writing it… saying i will be distructive towards you, and i will bring you to your knees, and its your choice to be strong enough, to stand up a stronger person, or you could be the person that keeps on making the same mistakes.


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