Make it happen

The mind is a powerful tool, but most of you know that saying, but have ever put it to the test? Well i have and it difficult in the beginning i a sure you.. but with the use of it, you will master it, only thing standing in most of our ways is doubt and the wonderful boogie man named fear..

if you put all that aside and understand its only the ego that is doing this and that you need to learn not to think so much, or what thought is yours and what is the ego? But when you understand the mind, you will see that we do create our own reality, and that anything is possible. I have goals and i set a time limit also, i don’t stress about it, i believe, and then i feel, but don’t think this is “The Secret” kinda stuff i am talking about… No this is my kinda stuff. But i am amazed by the human mind, i am amazed off what it is capable of doing… But i only am fascinated by the human mind, not humans, i sometimes feel ashamed to be a human.. That is why i love Dogs, omw that unconditional love they give, no lies, no cheating, no abusive only that pure love and pure happiness that is all they want…. Animals are better then us, that is for sure…

Anyway i have a bit of ADD like you can see, i started writing about the human mind and then how awesome animals are, but maybe its because both are amazing things to write about so i just went crazy and i did it lol.

So what do you think our minds can do?




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3 thoughts on “Make it happen

  1. I agree in full. We are capable of many things… we should learn that our minds are our greatest asset. A year ago, my life was pulled from under me and I was homeless, jobless and motherless. Then I started publishing my poems, suddenly found a job I always wanted why? I refused to give up. I told myself that with my gift of the tongue and my mind I can accomplish great things… I did not do it like the SECRET… I just believed in my greatest asset… me


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