Dear daddy

I wish you could see how i am struggling to get information out of people who has more answers then i have, i don’t understand why they are making this so difficult for me to get a photo or letter, anything of yours for me to hold on to… what is there to hide? is my past so horrible? is that why i have no memories? or blocked it out?

Found out before you died you wanted to talk to me about something important, omw how am i going to get that info? when your mother is also knew what you wanted to talk to me about, but she is also gone… i really need to remember what happened in the past and why we didn’t have time together at all.

I don’t even know where your grave is, i don’t know what day you died, or how you died… please can you maybe if you can see me know, please send some help, some how? i miss you daddy i will find out what happened, i need to.


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