Dear Dad

I was thinking yesterday about you and the war, i found out that they didn’t even give all the men counseling after the war, it messed you up real bad, but i want you to know that i don’t care that you had to drink to take the feeling away, i don’t care about those things, because i understand,  you and your fellow friends fighting in the war, that was real, and all those men, well they are real men to, most of them maybe also followed the same path, you must have been broken, with not getting the help you needed, you had this life long battle with drugs, its a evil you struggle with forever.

I sometimes wish you are still here, because i know i can help, i know that when you felt lost with no where to go, i wanted you to come to me, i wanted to care for you, i wanted to let you know, even when everyone else thought you are a disappointment, i wanted you to know, that i understand and that i love you, and i am proud of you.

I love you, i wish i could talk to you.


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