Killing the lamb… by Thomas Taliafero

Killing the lamb…

If it was just for one moment
I think of the day
When love truly meant
Death of the stray
I would great the bitter end
My corpse, set sail
To the River Styx, my new friend
For my heart’s betrayal
I hate the fact knowing
I am hated so
What is worth, is the showing
My blood on the snow
Yes I bleed, and I bled
Yet none heard the gun
I bleed and I bled
Out of your fun
As I bleed and been bled
My tears are your treats
You hear no sirens, no dread
In the open streets
What you will hear, my fear
Of the cold lust of the knife
And this day, month, and year
For you, my falsebound wife
… For you I took my meaningless life…black-and-white-photography-nature



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