I had heroes ones



I had heroes ones. Now I am all grown up and I have none..

I had heroes ones, when grandpa shared his favorite snack with me sitting on his lap, I was save and he was strong. It was only me the first born child.


I had heroes ones, I can’t remember you so well but I had a dad ones, you were there, I don’t have much memories of you and me and what u where like.. I only where 6 when I got two homes.


I had heroes ones, you were there always, but you didn’t see me, you where providing the needs for me, but not the quality time.. Mom you remarried and when I was 13 years old, I was sitting on step dads lap and he took my innocence away, you left him for a while but returned because you felt like you couldn’t care for us on your own.


Grandpa you are dieing and I am broken, I don’t want to sit on your lap anymore its not the same, I can’t give you big open arm hugs, because I have to protect myself, you where sad, and got really mad at him, you where my hero, you left me too soon.


I had heroes ones, the man I married, the son I got, but it didn’t work out we were to young.


Now I am a single mom, I can survive without a man, but I had much to learn about man and love.


I had a real dad ones when I was 6, now he died, and we didn’t know each other you had other em portend things then me..


I had heroes ones, my second love that said all the perfect things.. Then we got married and to my surprise he was a monster.. I was abused ones, but not for long I left him and I was more broken than ever..


I have a hero and he is my son, his 7 years old and he has no idea how precious he is to me.

He is my hero because when he was 2 and my heart was broken from my separation from my first husband, I knew I can’t fade away, who would care for him, you saved me, you made me strong, I had a responsibility to take care of you, it was me and you, through all the sadness and hardship, but it wasent so bad, because you just have that smile.

I have a hero he is my son, he doesn’t know it, but I would have been lost if I didn’t have him.


I am 28years old now and for the first time in my life I go months without any troubles.


I have a hero, and its me, I have 28years of life lessons. Bringing me to my knees. I am now the strong independent woman I was mend to be, with gifts life gave me.


I had heroes ones and they all left me, its only me and my son left to fight evil called life, and we fought it all.


I am a hero now to my son.. You are stuck with me baby, because mommy loves you and without you, there is no me.



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