There is Magic In My Words




There is Magic in my words, i know they come alive when i write, they are little angels, as soon as i write, they fly up in to the universe and create life.. The magic in my words are like little feathers out of a pillow, flying all over the place, happiness, glitter and fun all around me, fighting off all the negative words, it’s like a battle in my room.. With lights and fire and a crazy load of letters, i must feel tired, but i enjoy the company, you know it’s all in my head, when the spiders come to play; they make the words you know? spider strings so strong and delicate, they create the words, and while mommy spider is busy at work, little ones like to play in my hair, i know i have to brush my hair out of all the knots in it lol… The magic in my book, the places i go, it’s amazing to know i have a place to go..



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