My make believe love story


words in my book, creates a story that left me with images of this something or someone I haven’t met yet.
I am melting the ice, I am letting the sun in, I will feel amazed again when I look at the stars, I will let my mind free to dream of you and me, I will dream about how your lips feel against my skin, and how you will make the butterflies fly.
And I will miss you, I will miss your arm around me, all I ever wanted was to feel safe, I will pretend how that would feel, I will make believe you are here with me…
This is my fairy tale, this is my finger tips on your cheeks, this is my love story, this is our place, our own little space.
I know you love my darkness, I know you understand my damage soul, I know that you love every crack every broken piece of me…
I know now I can sleep again, because bed time is not scary anymore, the monsters are gone, and now we play in the left over asses, we draw on the walls and we kiss in the rain.
This is my pretend love story and I am happy in my make believe happy ending.


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