The Brain always messes with you…

You and I can write too

Ok!! Its really been obvious that i’ve been getting a long and boring writers block which is really annoying to me and you (not implying that you like my blog…. but yeah I hope so)

Here it goes:

Writer’s block is one of a kind and not really pleasant. It feels like the brain and the person is having a banter every now and then when you sit down to write something. It goes something like this in my brain:

Me: Lets write something.
Brain: You never give up do you?
Me: It seems I can’t.
Brain: Yes, you can. Its my orders you can’t write now.
Me: Stop annoying me go away.
Brain: Ok, if you say so.
The brain goes away with nothing in my mind. Just blank…….

Its really sad to know that even the hands doesn’t agree with….. Like for example you write something (no…

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