Life is not to blame, its people

Think about it… People say and I am also guilty of this, that life is unfair and cruel, life has nothing to do with it. Its the people in it that are cruel, unfair and evil.
I was going through my ex boyfriends fb profile, don’t ask me why I did, I just did and I saw how happy and how awesome his life is with his girlfriend and so on and so on, both my ex boyfriends and my ex husband has the most amazing happy life… How does that work? 2 of them treated me like dirt, and 1 abused me and raped me several times, how is this possible that they have it all? I will get back to you on that one, will have to do some deep thinking.
Maybe we should be bad people to have a good life? Maybe we should not even care?
But maybe, just maybe being good will pay off in the end…

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4 thoughts on “Life is not to blame, its people

      1. Because…people don’t change just like that and if they were an ar**hole to you, they will be to the next person also. Photo’s can make things look better than they are.


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