I feel it again, and its making me dizzy, I feel it in my stomach, its grabbing me and twisting, I feel like I can’t breath, I just want to scream.. The pain I feel is so angry and the sadness so intense, my mind is blank, but I feel the torture, why are u doing this to me, when u say u love me?
Maybe I don’t understand, but what I feel is agony.
Its like you touch me and then turn away,
You make me feel uncontrollable happiness, then u take it away.
Most of the time I say your name, almost like I think you could here me calling.
I feel empty, but with you I am complete, I see your face and I feel I am home.
I love you to the moon and back, but I don’t know where u are.
U make me wait most of the time and its eating me alive.
What did I do so wrong to deserve this, was I so bad that u chain me up in the ongoing, unknowing road?

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