Faerie rings and magic worlds

You see it, the letters flying all around me, when my pen does that magic thing forming words that makes the mind go wild. I then pick and choose and mix and match, it must be just right, like a spiders web, so perfect, every thread connected to perfection.
I made it so you can escape, into the words and run in between the sentences to a land away from this world of pain and sadness, cold hearts and evil tendencies.
Its for you to be what ever you want to be, it for you to feel free. Stay with me in this make believe happy story, dance with me inside the faerie ring, sing with them, hypnotized by there glitter and beauty, if your mind is not strong enough they just might let you stay forever, because you see, faerie rings are magical portals that humans can get lost in forever, dancing and singing in there forest of old trees of knowledge.
So come with me in between my words of magical worlds, take my hand to the faerie realm we can be forever free

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