My Day

At 3am this morning I was doing my first guided meditation in a long time, forgotten how it heals the soul, if I hadn’t done the meditation I would have not survive this draining day. Even if I feel so tired I could die, I still have this peaceful feeling.
Anyway its a hipnoses meeting your spirit guide, when I came to the part where I could meet my spirit guide, I got interrupted, so I just left it and concentrated on relaxing and my breathing, so it all worked out just as good. Will try again tonight, traffic this morning was normal but I didn’t notice, when the day when on, one by one people in my life started with there negative and draining energy, but I had balance because I have friends to talk to about it and get it all out, after work, picked up my son, went to the pet store got crickets for his spider to eat, got food for the crickets so they will not die lol. Then home, did some home work and reading with my son, now I can enjoy a cigarette by candle light because the light is not working, but that’s fine :-). So my day was tiring, yet satisfying. Bless be my friend tonight. And all have a good night xx


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