What we are seeking

Sometimes the Silence can be very loud, so loud it tortures your soul.
But the Silence we seek, are the road map to our deepest salvation.
Then We seek out in music something just for ourself, something to help with the troubles.

We look for signs in everything, just to help with finding the truth, finding the way, something small just to know that we are on the right path.
Maybe if we stop thinking so much, maybe it will just come.

I sometimes dream of beautiful trees, the smell of wet grass, I dream of how a cool breeze caress my face as I look up at the sky, pretending I am far away.
I sometimes dream of the dark corners in my mind, I dream how I have the key to unlock memories that are locked away.

Maybe that is what I am seeking? The key to my unlocked files locked away in the darkest corners of my mind. Then I dream of a place far away and long ago where living in the words in my books, were a place I always went to feel safe.
Maybe I will find the key someday, maybe I will find what I locked away.

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