The Turmoil of Acceptance (a Wolfskin Mary Story)

My dearest and talented friend’s writings. please read and enjoy


She slips from the bed quietly , as not to disturb him , tenderness shines in her eyes along with deep pain and yearning , to hide her other self becomes harder and harder to do. She crouches in the corner as he sleeps, and wraps her arms tightly about her trembling self , the tears fall silently as she sinks her nails into her own back and teeth into her knee the sobs want to come , but she mustn’t let them, her other self whimpers and struggles against the restraints that have bond her for to long.

Glimpses of her other self have broke through , and she knows by his reactions , he is not the one to weather that part of her , and the need grows to set her free .damn why must she feel so much , why can’t the side everyone sees be…

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