My first English poem
is about someone
who’s in a zone
all of his own
weird; maybe a little bit crazy
but boy o boy, not lazy

his writings I admire
’cause his work is devine
he became a dear friend
out of the blue…
Solovlug blue

his circle of friends,
I believe
will astonish you
he’s got a place
in his heart…

just don’t you dare
to judge him
he’s got unique taste
and very, very smart too

his mind will blow you away
with his wisdom and words
he’ll transform you
to faraway, magical places

humbleness runs through his veins
animals-very dear to his heart
he can make you laugh
lead you on a different path
that’s marvelousness…
to the end

Hanneliese Oberholzer

Hanneliese wrote this stunning poem about me and it is just fair to share it with all of you… it is such an honor

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