At Sunset


Every weekend i escape from my busy week to the Plot ( small holding) in Pretoria east South Africa.


Beautiful trees all around even when the hard winter is not so kind,  and in the mornings i  love watching the sheep and cows doing their thing in the fields and a little further i see horses and even a dog or two playing in the tall faded grass.  Winter is still with us for 2 months,  but still the faded colors of the dried leaves and the brownish color of the ground still makes a  breath taking picture in my minds eye, so i decided to take pictures to share.

I am blessed to have this save haven away from my weekly busy life, where i can just be.




so this afternoon i had to go for a walk, because i was just feeling emotionally down all day and i had to do something, and there in front of me was this sunset. Just as i was walking back to the house, what a amazing real life painting it was. Its the small things we take for granted that can work better then medicine, nature is naturally healing.


Hope you find the pictures as beautiful as i was enchanted seeing it for real.


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