Let me Sleep.

I just wanted to sit there,
I just wanted to be alone, but for me that’s to much to ask, and I feel so chained.
I want to break it and I want to burn it to ashes, then run away till my breath gives in.
I just want to be alone sometimes to collect my thoughts.
I want to look at the moon and listen to the trees whisper.
The moonlight can wrap me up in a blanket so that I can sleep for ones, because the darkness under my eyes are scary stories of endless sleepless nights.
Take me to my dreams, where the sun shines on my face, and the grass under my feet are as soft as clouds.
Then leave me there to wait in the endless bliss of silence, away from people and sharp words.
People tire me, and there words makes me want to vomit.
Maybe that’s the reason I poison my body, so that my mind can escape.
It runs through my skin, and my eyes lock the door to my soul, I am save then. Emotionless and ice cold is the sugar I love so much.
Let me stay please let me sleep…


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