The Switch

Yes we all have it, some of us even have a masters in using it.  When you are one of the masters, then you have a masters degree in getting hurt because we keep on choosing the wrong partner.




Today we are just so tired of starting over, first we have to heal our hearts, then you go through all kinds of stuff to just be normal again, or just try not to freak people out with your crazies, anyway so think about this, and its true, we have a switch and its really scary to think that some of us can just switch of and just move on, maybe its not good in long term, but i will do this any day, like i have too i have a son to look after and i cant be emotionally not available for him, so yesterday i broke up with my boyfriend, this morning was still hard for me, i aloud myself to feel what i need to feel, but now its time, its time for me to switch and move on.


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