Notes on the walls

Here on the wall, little notes out of my heart, I take them out with sharp string, one by one what I feel hurt as I place the words on the walls.
There are words hiding in the shadows of the walls, the sick, I miss you feelings are in the deep cracks, there is just to many dark little spaces to hide all this sharp little paper cuts.

The wall is cold against my cheek, I hate missing you, when that feeling makes my stomach turn and my head spin, and then I fall. I will lie there and wish to cry, because then I will get it all out and I will dry up between the lines of the tiles on the floor.

You did something ones, and when the night comes, I go there, I dream and every night I go back to that one night, when you wiped my tears with your fingertips, and for a long time you just could stop putting your hand on my face, softly like you couldn’t get enough.

I was fine on my own, you came and broke my walls, just to puncture little holes in my heart where all these little notes are stuck.

Its the angry ones that hurts the most, they go with, the same mistake again notes.
I get glimpses of crazy, and just like that its gone, every day the feeling in my stomach get better, and my heart gets empty as I pull the notes of pain, out, sticking them on the wall, with the wet ness of my blood.

Crazy its when you let go off all and the space you have when you rid clutter from your mind, and you let go. I am letting go, I have to cut you from my mind, so I am crazy I let all out, I have space in my mind to dance now.



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