I still wonder about you.

I have this one memory that I will think about, maybe ones a year for some reason.. It was still in the 90s and I was 13 or maybe younger can’t remember. I can’t remember her name, my best friend at that time. We decided to run away because my step dad told me I shall not see her anymore, because he thinks she is a bad kid, but I had this sister type connection with her and she felt the same… Omw her name was Christina wow how about that. But to come to the point, he found us after one day, and we knew this was the end of our friendship, what can we do, we are only kids that time.

At school we would see each other, and I had to walk alone home from school.
Before i moved I asked her to leave me a letter on my windowsill, wile I was some place that day before we moved, can’t remember where we went, she said she will. But she didn’t, I wonder what happened and if she also gets this memory one in a blue moon? I don’t even know if she is alive or what happened. Wish I could remember her surname. I still just wonder after so many years why this memory stays. I am 30 years old now.


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