I am all kinds of different.

This is my little space, my safe place, its all I have, when you don’t dream anymore. I am so many kinds of different, I have so much to give… I have seen to many dark ugly souls, so I am keeping all off me, for only me.   Trust is like a hidden treasure without a map, its hard to find and there are so many paths to explore. So I will be no pirate, there is enough of those, I will be a lone wolf that creeps up on you.. I can me all kinds of me, but you will not like what you see. And most of all you will not like the angry side of me.   But for now I sit and wait for the rain to come, the sound of the thunder soothes my soul. This is my little space only my safe place.  I watch my willows grow as if they are whispering secrets of a another time. And I sit alone thinking, of all the parts of me.     


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