ALl On my Own

ALL ON MY OWN   I am use to doing things on my own, even my first heart break many years ago, I was dealing with all sorts of hard ship alone, so it doesn’t bother me at all, maybe I am too use to it.   I take my hat off to you… Being single mom and all… When they say that, I don’t understand why… Maybe like I said, I am just to use to doing everything on my own, for so many years, that I don’t know any other way. Its not hard at all, or maybe it is? But I am just to use to it.   I have build so high walls around me, that its so high, it will tale a really strong hero to break it down, I don’t want anyone to break my perfect wall, that protects my perfect world. But some times I wish it could be broken, but only to change my mind when I peek out into the world.   I would rather stay here.


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