I really dont like you.

I some times wonder… oky all the time i wonder and i try to understand if some people or wait.. most of the people are even human? The heartless actions and selfishness and talking behind ones back… and they even have tine to make up stories.
I dont understand why? Or even how because i cant… I just cant be rude for no reason or even make someone feel bad or sad.

Than there are people that cant think or put themselfs in others shoes and just be kind, people give more why ask something in return? i have seen that people with money will even take from the poor, dont talk to me about God and pretend to be so good and noble, when clearly it say. DONT DO TO OTHERS THAT YOU DONT WANT TO BE DONE TO YOU. I got it… most of the people have no brains and live in a little box, i will not be angry now anymore. i will feel sorry for them, how boring their lifes must be, that they have to be like they are to others for intertainment.


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