Last day of the Year Blues

So this day will be the last day of 2014 and as much as i want this year to be over, would i love to end it with something nice, but i haven’t gotten payed yet, so my son and i cant do something special tonight, makes me so angry all these people that just don’t care about the people that makes them money, but they cant even pay us before xmas. So i hope that by the end of my working hours today, that the pay will be in, so that we can have a nice night into 2015.

But to all you awesome writers out there, i love all your writings and your minds are amazing for all your talents to be transformed into words of magic. Hope to all that 2015 will be for us the year of many more blessings.

Have a wonderful new years mwha


2 thoughts on “Last day of the Year Blues

  1. And I hope you have a wonderful new year, too. I hope you had a great day with your son. ( At least we can always have hope! ) So many parts of 2014 were good. Lots of changes in my life that make looking forward much clearer. But there were also many things that are horribly wrong with our world that it makes me fear for it if people don’t wise up and start taking more action than just talking about it.


    1. hi Jamie thanks for your comment and for taking the time to read my post. Yes i agree with you with all you say. Things will get better and you know as a writer, that to write what you feel also makes you feel better. hope your day was also amazing xxx


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