Hide and Seek

I don’t dream, sleep is a luxury, I don’t feel, I don’t play, I am in-between the mist and the sunlight, but I am looking for the shade.
I talk to myself and I walk alone. I listen to the willows whisper, I feel them growing around me, holding on to me.

Tonight I feel, tonight I wish I could cry, tonight I want to cling on to you, tonight I want you to hold me, I imagine how your face will feel cheek to cheek, I try to remember your kiss.
Tonight I feel, and tonight I need you.

I need that conversations of the Moon and the stars, I need your voice to listen to, I need you.

But you are not with me, and you don’t know, so I will switch it off, and I will be just fine.
Tonight I feel the warmth of my candles, tonight I stand in the rain, because it feels good.
Playing hide and seek in the mist and cleanse my soul with the sun.

I lost all my heroes, but I am my own super hero.images (1)


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