i know you are there

All we do is chasing the sunset, all I want is to speak to the moon.
Sometimes people get me wrong, when its something I say or done. Most of the time I have no fun.

Why do you turn and run? Does my flame burn so brightly, does it scare you so much? Its what guides me…
They taste me, they like my flavour, but you can’t handle what I have, its too much and it dims your spot in the lime light…

Here I am, pure at heart, but my darkness is as black as the night and as magical as the star you wish upon.
You take my hand and then you turn away. But I know that I don’t need any off you.
All I know is my unknown Hero is looking for me, he is as broken as me, two pieces of art, he is as strong as he is gentle, I don’t know you yet, but I know you whisper to the night sky too.

I know you are there, my beautiful darkness.


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