It started with a letter out of a book, the words are gentle and pure, never had I known such manners, it was refreshing. He kissed my hand a couple of times, so gentle, so pure.
I thought men like that only exist in fairy tales.
But how will I know if his heart is true? Even if he told me, I probably think false.

For you see, they have masks for every situation.
I have seen all of them in half a life time, I have felt the burn of the Monster. I have lived in the caves of broken promises, cutting me with sharp words. The lies are as light as the sun and feels so magical, its like a drug it only last till you find them not true.
there is fire on the words of liars, it burns your heart slowly to ashes.

I don’t even have to go to hell. The devil, his not that scary.
Look how pretty I am now, look how strong. I am shaped by shadows and knives…

But here you are, kissing my hand, holding me like this, speaking to me in those gentle words, what Mask did you take first, or will I be the fool?
I don’t know, and I will not care, for I will not be bothered by thought that will torture me anymore.


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