Am I Even Here?

Around me lots of faces, they look at me and they like what they see, but do you see me? They talk to me, but do they listen to my voice? Am i even here? my body is, but not whats inside me. If i get even one second off kindness it will be alot. A life time off troubles and too much memories lost. I would already have a best seller book of my life.
I must be from a nother planet, because the troubles would will put a normal person in crazy town.

I am broken that i am sure off, and crazy but you cant see it. I sometimes wish i could here voices in my head, than i will never feel alone.
I see things diffrent, i think diffrently, people dont understand me and its a lonely world.

I wish i knew my demons by name, each one creates a peace of me. I am still deciding if i can trust myself, will let you know when i do. Maybe i will just forget. I want to unlock the blocked files in my mind, but i think it might be monsters hiding there.


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