Is it just a crush

Is it just a crush i have? there are two, but one of them must be real don’t you think?

th (1)Tonight i will visit lets call him 008, it will be good for me, i missed him, his being through so much, maybe deep down i know we will only be best friends, he is in a weird place in his life in his life right now, but i want to be there for him, even when we don’t see much of each other, his a really good daddy to his 2 beautiful little girls.

th (2)Than there is, well lets call him 009, well his great, always good advice for me, always there when i need him, loves his dogs and his really, really smart, and well the sex is good, no complaints. I like him more than i think, maybe i should take a step back, because both of these amazing men, i might have a bigger crush on than i thought, i just don’t want to get hurt.

To tell you the truth, if one of them ask me to be there girlfriend, will accept with a smile and be in it 100%

But life is full of surprises, maybe 010 will be out there and will be the one, i know i am a great person, i deserve a good man in my life after a life time of mad ones 🙂

All i know is 008 see you after work, to catch up on things:-)


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