22 April 2015

That feeling that didn’t go away, just did.
The heaviness on my heart is gone south, and my mind is still.
Its not storming all around me, but my campus goes in all directions.

If I had to walk without shoes, I would feel like I am floating across the river, as the dew on the grass, wet my toes.
And I will feel free from the chains that hold me back, I will be free of the willows curling around my legs, even if they are so beautiful.

I speak to the leaves, and yes I whisper secrets to the old trees.
Do you wanna play hide and seek? Do you wanna run around the fire? It will be fun I promise.
We don’t come here anymore, where the fire flies looks like stars between the forest.

Here in the shadows its safe, here by the fire its warm. I love to sit and watch my demons dance in the fire, I love the voices in my head.

I found old letters , I burned them for fun, I loved to trace the lines of your tattoos with my finger.

As I write this, I realize how much I needed you, how much I need to talk to you, about everything, I need you to hold me, like you always did when we danced.

Ally Du Pl


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