Feeling something in the moment

images (4)k12:40am blank is my mind, sort of. i feel nothing now that the kissing is over, i felt something when the cold night air was all around us and your lips on mine, i felt free, i wanted it to last forever, i wanted you to stay. I wish i could set my mind free of silly things that holds me back, that takes time away from things that make me feel free.

Who you are now and who you were long ago are to different, i wish i could keep you, i wish you would see me more than a friend.  Maybe you do? Maybe you want me to think you don’t care about things, my mind still is a blank now as i sit and write.

I am just glad that when not in the moment i don’t feel the absence, but only the nothing ness of something that might or might not be there. Talk to me, talk to me about anything, i need to know, i need to be in this world, but i find myself in day dreaming about nothing, but still there must be something, or somewhere my mind can go,


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