Do you want to play?


 The Moon was full and the night was playful.

There was a cool breeze, but i didn’t feel the cold.

Are you there? l can’t see you, but i know you are there.  Silly, look at me talking to myself again.

Its full moon, don’t you want to play?

Hello… where are you…you are doing it again. It makes me angry and it makes me feel alone.

Does not matter anyway, we will just sit and i will watch you while you tell your stories, but i will watch you because i love your face and the way your lips move, i get so angry at you, and you know why, because you changed and i miss you.

But i still love our late nights, and garage pies, i still love to watch you tell stories, and sometimes you smile when i am being crazy over tired.

I wish, no wait, we can’t save each other it’s too late, life has broken us, but we are perfect as we are, even when i want the sweet side of you back.

See i know you are there, glad i was not talking to myself again.

Its full moon, do you want to play?

Let’s take a walk down the street, let’s enjoy the world being silent.


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