Full moon

There is nothing more beautiful then sitting under the full moon, what I love is the feeling of light, this amazing bright light.
Tonight Its a full moon and there is a lovely breeze.
As I sit for the first time tonight, I can actually feel how tired my body is and how tired I feel, but not the sleepy tired, the tired I feel is emotionally.

I crave the conversations with friends, not the kind on social media, the real talking conversation. That’s why I can get so angry when I get a chance there’s someone just poisoning it.
I miss my friends, I miss laughing and being happy.
I need my real friends, real people with real dreams and real conversation. So tired of not be able to trust anymore of hidden agendas people have.

I feel alone tonight, and if it wasn’t so difficult to cry, I would have cried and I would have felt better.
So dear moon, If I was a wolf I would have howled at you all night.images (17)


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