Dear Reader


Dear readers
I feel honoured to those that follow my blog and to all that welcomed me to follow theirs :)it gives my mind new inspiration to have like minded people around.

But sadly there are visitors reading my blog that make use of the most low form of intelligence and that my friends is the ugly word that is “assumptions”

So I should have mentioned it earlier perhaps? Perhaps not? Whatever. Anyway Please note that not all of my writings is based on my private life or what you assume happened in my past.
Writers have a very healthy imagination as well as the amazing gift as to write something as if they are in a curtain situation, the emotion the pain and so on.
It irritates me to the core when someone assume something. Stop it! Just don’t do it, it makes you look stupid.

If you ask me about something you read and what the story behind it is, I will tell you with pleasure 🙂 but if I tell you its not about me and I get a look that is telling me that you think I am dump and there is no way I can write that without relating to it. I will try and not hit you with a chair. Stop doing stupid things.

Advice : Read more and yes knowledge is power, its a fact.

Thank you I really tried not to be mean, but I had to say what was bothering me for very long.


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