Nightmares the perfect prison

Rapster style hoody on. Underneath beauty of the night. Hiding that butterfly scars.
Fist fights long nights, i was born on the sea, now it runs in my blood.
I am your beautiful nightmare, trust me, follow me.
Watch me undress, put your fingertips on my skin.
Taste me, remember your nightmares a perfect prison.

Raper style hoody on underneath beauty of the night. Blow your smoke into my luangs. Lets me mix the poison into your blood. Perfect cocktail.
Watch me undress into your perfect prison. Trust me, follow me into my nightmares.
Lets kiss like nothing is wrong, run your hands down my skin. Lets play hide and seek where i will hide forever.
Lets stop playing pretend.
The monsters are real they want us.
Look under the bed, what do you see.l?
It runs in my blood your perfect prison.


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