Intelligence is Hot


I wanted to write about this for a while now.  I know this guy that is really into me, even when I don’t give him any indication or leading him on, and I can also be mean sometimes, but for a good reason just so you know, but I will get to that soon.

His just to desperate, I know he is lonely and he wants a companion, I can understand that, but that is one thing that puts me of, well maybe not so much as pretending to be someone you not, I know his a good person, that’s not the problem, the problem is, when you don’t like something, but you like it now only because I like it. I hate that so much, I just feel like hitting someone with a chair.

Then there is the games some people play, you know the trying to make you jealous, or the hard to get game, oh there is a couple of them, I know they work pretty well for some guys because the younger girls don’t know better.  Oh how people underestimate me daily, it might be because I look so young, you know the pretty face no brains, I so wish people could see that I am not just a pretty face, but oh boy do I have a lot of brains wired with intelligent awesome brain cells, but anyway, he pretends  to much and he plays childish games that the more he plays the more I grow angry and mean,  maybe I will have to tell him, but I don’t really know if that will stop him.  Don’t get me wrong, I will never think myself better than anyone, and I don’t want to say I am picky, because I am not, I think all can agree that two people have to fit together.  See I am smart, and I will hang on every word a man say, if it’s a intelligent conversation, out of the box kind of conversations, I would fall in love just because he truly is interested in what is important to me and truly appreciate my geeky ways. I love history and technology and even better all the gadgets, I love my books and I love my paint brushes, I love my dogs and I love my little pot plants. I must say I don’t like it when a man thinks he can buy me or impress me with the car he drives or how much money he makes, you don’t impress me with sweet nothings.  I come from nothing so I appreciate everything.  Stop underestimating me I know more than you think, and notice more than you realize.


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