Darkness was my days

This song, only this one takes me to places that makes me cry. It make me feel the coldness of your eyes, it takes me to that dark place of worring if you are coming home.
Holding me, but pushing me away.
Tears will run like the rivers, but your heart is so hard, when you strike me again. Screaming at me lieing on the floor.
You seem to enjoy the torture.
What happen to the man i fell in love with?

Please i pleaded, please stop.
But you would lock me away from the world.
Again against the wall i would look up at you.
Darkness was my days.
Looking back the weakness in my bones.
Now i am strong, now i will step on your words, now i would bind your hands to stone.
Now my eyes will burn your soul to ashes.
Now i am free.


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