streets was our play ground

I don’t know how it is now
But I remember a time of
dark wooden desks with names carved
and when you were bored
you use to trace it with your finger.
Bubblegum stuck underneath.
I remember letters passed from one
to the other for your friend on the other
a side of the classroom.

I remember long letters and a stash of stamps.
Walking far with heavy bags to school.
Saturday walks to the shop with R1.
Playing ball in the street with all the kids in the street.
Camping outside in the yard.

I remember mix tapes and the top 40 on Sundays, waiting for that song you can just copy.
I miss that mix tape you got from you bf to show how much he cares. And fold up love letters in a shoe box.

I miss that the streets were our playground and that it was safe. I miss just not getting into trouble for ringing the door bell and running away.
I just miss being alive and free.


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