Balance will always find a way to stay.


I am angry and hurt
And you just can’t see
What your words did to me,
But since all this will not matter
To you and all, you will do is make
Me seem like a fool.

Then this is me not even going
To go on, but just say goodbye and
when your days get dark with that fears you keep so close, remember me when I was the only friend that you could speak to.
You feel invincible now, but some way there has to be balanced and it will find away.

It can never be happy days forever, there has to be balanced.
I am sure you will have people there for you when darkness needs a place to stay.


One thought on “Balance will always find a way to stay.

  1. You need to know that you still matter to me. I am sorry for what I have said, and I want to make amends. Help me make things right please, because I realise all too well that no one can ever stand alone. And now it would seem that I did not stand with you when you needed me.

    Would “I’m sorry” ever be enough?


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