People from the past.

What is more fulfilling than reconnecting with friendships now that was lost years ago, because it was ment to be now when lessons learned.

A cusin Marga very close person to me connecting with me now, after many years past, even lost all ways of contacting her, because the one person with that link is not with us anymore, even that person was lost to me, so much that months after dieing only than was i notified of this.
Jana her sister was also lost to me, but we found each other again 2 years ago.
It was us three always when we were children. I am the youngest.
I guess all got lost when the glue was not sticky anymore, meaning my father leaving and got a new family. Maybe something else or someone was to blame for everything to just fade away.

I have a big family from my mother side, being the first grandchild of this side of the family, i think i might have felt truely loved and important, until i was 6 years old the rest of the grandchildren made there way into the world.
So here i am and i just dont fit in with them, it was hard for a wile. But now i have made piece and i am already creating my own way and its great. I can go into more detail, but that is for a nother time.
Today i am feeling blessed for having my lost people of the past, returning one by one, because the people we were back than was not ment to be, only to be now the right time to be perfect.

This is truely a healing almost complete, and even when the magic is still coming full speed, i will learn from the people that was in my life the people that was in darkness and i was there all the way, but is now corrupted by the amazing lifes they have now and forgot about the people that was there when thinks was not oky. I thank you for letting me realise that i dont want to be like you.
I am already thankfull for the things to come and i cant wait.


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