Play pretend

I love all kinds of quotes that people share and post on facebook. Its inspiring, sad, funny and pretty. I personally share and post. But i share and i post the ones that speaks to me, and some have qualities that is me.
What i don’t like about it and sometimes feel like punching someone in the face because when you know a person personally and you see what they post about being kind to others or love quotes, and even friendship being a loyal friend even quotes about karma and don’t talk behind other’s back or judge and i can go on, but what i am trying to explain is that it makes me so angry when you know that person that is posting such nice quotes every 3min, but that person is in real life not that kind of person, but person that is nice to you in your face, but makes up stories behind your back, the person who judges, who is cheating and just not a nice person.


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