Play pretend, pirates and a map

I like this feeling its better than the color blue.
I want a new addiction, maybe  it’s you
Hypnotic poison in the air.
a secret for a secret, like tattoos on our skin.

By the fire, i can see the shadows, it’s drawing the dark circles under your eyes.
It’s the home of your worries and it’s locked away.

But still,


Your words are like sugar, I will take three spoons please, maybe one more to keep me on that cloud 9 high.

If you pick a shell and listen well, will you hear my voice wiper true stories of the dreams that are haunting me?
There will always be sand between our toes and the wind playing in our hair.
And the sun’s hot rays riding the waves.

With the ocean between us, we can meet half way, you have the map, so let’s play pretend of pirates and a map.


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