I will forgive myself for acting like a fool

I have so much on my shoulders
So much i need to get of
But its all in my head and so
Difficult to tell.
I have a few good friends and they will be there if i need them,
But its not that easy, when days like today it’s just not possible. One is so far away, other in their own relationships, my best friend has a sick child and everyone has there own lifes. I needed and still do as i sit here some little company evem for a min. Just someone, i dont want to be alone anymore, but i dont want to be hurt anymore, maybe the best will be my own company to keep.
Worst of all i even begged today, it was so clear that i was alone and desperately in need of conversation. I even said it, i asked, i begged two of my friends to just for a little wile keep me company, i just wanted to feel better.
I feel so stupid now, i really made a fool of myself, its only because i thought i could but learned not so much.

Atleased my friend far, far away could make me feel better, wile i cried on the phone, so sweet and so good heart he keeps. I am so thankful to have you in my life. Kindness don’t come my way often, when it does it feels special.


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